Push Through

As a runner, or human, it is difficult at times to push through the wall.  Stress, exhaustion, no protein, or any other factor can all be reasons we want to quit or take the easy way out of a situation.   On a recent run I stumbled across this fascinating scene: Pushing through the wall   A single stalk of grass bursting from the blacktop.   If we want to start processing the amount of time, energy, or stress involved in making this happen – it is breathtaking.  For all intense purposes – THIS IS NOT NORMAL.  As the soil science part of my brain started to analysis the situation for nutrient deficiencies, rooting depth, competitive advantages…I was struck with this thought…

This plant was created to be fruitful and multiple, to thrive in its environment and nothing was going to stop it from fulfilling its purpose.  We are each created for purpose (Ps 139:13-18).  I was created both on purpose and for purpose but many times I let “blacktop” or the “wall” stop me for experiencing the full impact for what I was created. *honest moment (sometimes I just forgot to have fun or am lazy)

Excluding a random wayward driver, this grass should go to seed and the cycle will continue as it was designed.

Lessons: 1) If we stop when it is hard we will never get to the finish and experience the joy on the other side.  2) If a plant can honor it’s creator so should I.  3) If I am struggling I should take a moment and reach out to my Creator because He is listening and ready.

Happy Running and Observing

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