Nothing Is Wasted

In the soils’ world there are millions of organisms living out their purpose above, below, and through what is under our feet. They are consuming, decomposing, and dying in a well designed way to put nutrients back into themselves and the soil. The uniqueness of each of the species, many still unknown, allows them to break down even the worst waste and turn it into something usable. This is why a compost pile breaks down or cow manure is like Gold to the farmer as nothing is wasted. As I reflect on that simple phrase here are 3 things I am reminded of today.

  1. The manure of our life, no matter how nasty, can be turned into gold for our future. The pain of hurt, stupid decisions, and diarrhea of the mouth or soul can be used to cause amazing growth.
  2. What we see as waste, no matter how insignificant, can have a purpose. The compost pile of life is full of what we see as waste but to the Creator it can be the necessary ingredient to get us to the next page. (Even the things we did and He wished we didn’t)
  3. The conversation of waste to nutrient gold takes time. In our accelerated world no one likes how long it takes for the waste to not stink, the scars to heal, or the victory to be seen but they will.

Nothing is wasted and everything can and will be used to create something amazing, but here is the final asterisk: These are truths in soil and life but in my 47 years I have learned if I want the best from the waste it only comes from a life surrender in faith to God. If that makes you smile, cringe, or want to explore – reach out I would love to chat about how I am living proof that God waste nothing.

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