Counting Train Cars


Growing up on the cherry orchard my grandpa had several ways of handling his slightly overactive grandson and one was counting train cars.   The train would pass by the orchard and rattle the house at least 2 times a day.   If you have ever lived next to train tracks some days it is noticeable and others you can’t even remember it passed.   I don’t know if it was a strategy for dealing with me or just something fun but he would always want to know how many train cars were on the passing train.

I would run to the end of the road count the cars and then he would ask “how many Jake?” As a kid I was fascinated by his ability to tell me so much about the train based on the number of cars.   This one was going to Canada or this one came out of the mid-west….I don’t know how he knew all the information expect him being Bomps, but it taught me something.   In those moments of counting train cars Grandpa taught me every car mattered.

Every train car was important…just as every person is important.   Jesus taught us that in scripture but also by example.   He us told about the good Samaritan,  He stopped to heal the blinding woman, He stopped to point out Zaccheaus in the tree, and told the children to come to Him.  If you are struggling with worth today…remember Jesus told us

Everyone matters – Everyone has purpose – Everyone Counts.  

You matter – You have purpose – You count. 

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