My Story/Bio

My name is Jason and I am a Christ-follower, husband/dad, runner and Soil Scientist.  These four categories summarize who I am and hopefully how others see me.

My Personal Purpose/Vision Statement:

I exist to restore hope to my generation, anyone I meet, anyway I can, anywhere I go, living dangerously and recklessly trusting God’s Word.

Christ-follower – This is the foundation of my core.  I am not in need of a religion but I am in eternal need of a relationship with the creator, God.  I am unqualified for that relationship because of my imperfection, my sin, however I  have been granted through grace alone an opportunity to once again have that relationship.  The opportunity came when Christ died on the cross and rose again taking the debt I owed.  Because of this grace and gift I consider myself a Christ-follower.  I do my best to follow his instructions (Bible) and bear the fruit of what a Christ-follower should look like.  I don’t always get it right but I do my best.  Basically – yep – I love Jesus, believe in God, and live my life according to his principles the best I can.

Husband/Dad – I have been married for almost 24 years to my rock and friend.  She has been with me through thick, thicker and even thin times keeping me rational and from doing experiments in the home.  She has given me three beautiful children (20 1/2) (16) and (14).  These two boys and tween-girl are the joy of my life.  Together they bring out my best and worst.  It is because of this family I strive to succeed. (I also have the privilege of sharing life with foster kids)

Runner – I run for fun.  I started long distance running in high school cross country and it has turned into a lifelong passion.  I can officially hold my own on some races and fall at the end of the pack in others.  I am honored to be part of the Marathon Maniacs.  I have run 21 marathons and 2 ultras since 1999 and do not see me stopping anytime soon.  I can also add 3 ultra relays including Hood to Coast into the medals.   In the words of former  2 time Olympic Trials Qualifier and mentor Jim Freeman  “ to run is to worship”

Soil Science PhD– I currently work as the Senior Advisor: Science and Agriculture for Convoy of Hope and Associate Professor of Biology at Evangel University.    In my positions I have the privilege to work with small scale farmers from around the globe to help them establish a better food security situation for their future and train the next generation of Godly individuals desiring to Carry the Call of God.

This is the “Bio” that goes out when someone science minded as me to speak.

Dr. Jason Streubel is the Senior Advisor: Science and Agriculture for Convoy of Hope and an Associate Professor of Biology at Evangel University.   He received is Soil Science Phd and Masters from Washington State University in 2006 and 2011.  He received his undergraduate degrees in 1996 and 2001 in Environmental Science and Church Ministries : Cross Cultural Communications.   He received certificates in both Eco-Intensive Agriculture and Warm Water Aquaculture where he worked extensively with Tilapia production for sustaining small communities. Besides his work with dairy, poultry and aquaculture he has also worked with the management of goats and fruit orchards.  In conjunction with his agricultural research Jason has been engaged in both full and part time pastoral ministry for the past 20 years.  As an ordained minister he has learned to communicate complex ideas in understandable terms, conflict resolution, purpose driven leadership skills and all aspects of team management in the United States and in several different countries.  Jason currently holds an Amateur Radio Extra Class license for the sole purpose of international communications from remote locations throughout the world.  His current focus is working to build a long term training platform for individuals around the world.  When Jason is not in the field, lab, or classroom he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids and running marathons.

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