The Pea Viner

  There are times in my daily routine on the job were something will take me to a moment in my past.  As with most of us moments like these can bring laughter, sadness, smiles, anger, or regret.   Today, smiles and it was the Pea Viners –

For most of my childhood next to the orchard was a pea field.  When it was time to harvest you could hear them before you would see them.   The convoy of pea viners coming down the dead end road to harvest the bounty of those fresh green little pods.    On my end it was game time – I would run to the shop to get a lawn chair, run in the house put on my robe (don’t ask), and Grandma would bring me hot chocolate.   For the next 4 hours or more I would not move an inch, as these marvels of modern agricultural machinery would put me into a trance of wonder.   (side note: every couple years some driver would have pity on the kid in the chair and I got to ride in the harvesters) As it got dark they would turn on their lights and Vouch (the dog) was huddle up next to me until Bomps or Grandma Ag made me come inside for the remaining of the harvest.   Hours upon hours of watching the pea viners and this is what I remember – although it was perhaps a little strange my family embraced my love for the pea viners.

Awww the pea viners – one of those things that still makes me smile, alot.



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