God and the Long Run

Have you ever wondered why God brings certain things to your mind from scripture? In the last month 2 places have repeatedly been imprinted on my daily thinking process.
1) Ezekiel 37
2) 2 Samuel 23:20-24
I have been camping (as some would say) on both of these stories. What does the valley of dry bones and chasing a lion in a pit on a snowy day have to do with me? The answer is still unclear and I believe it might take a few more weeks of pondering, however here are at least a few responses.

1) When Ezekiel was taken to the Valley of Dry Bones God ask him what he saw – His response was “Only you know O Sovereign Lord” Can the bones live? What a tremendous question – can our shattered lives, dreams, situations be rescued? Ezekiel allowed his answer to be based on what God saw not his own vision.

2) We were called to trust God and living dangerously and recklessly, trusting God’s Word is not an option and this is the beauty of the long run.

The beauty of the long run. No music in the ipod just you with God. At mile 8 my mind starts to relax and open. It is then that God begins to reveal the issues. The things he wants to address in my live. The scriptures he wants me to dwell upon, the run is never easy, the pruning he prescribes is hard to swallow but I look forward to the next lonely stretch of road where God will refresh my dry bones.

When was the last time you went on a long run? If you haven’t done it lately go beyond the 8 mile marker.

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