The Timer That Haunts Me

Perhaps you can multitask inside a ten minute window.  I understand moms do this all the time but running trace gas samples from dairy manure on a  Gas Chromatograph  is different in my head.  You manually punch the sample and start your timer.  You walk down the hall to pick up the task you left and hope your mind will allow you to start right away…you start and get on a role, writing, data analysis and you don’t want to stop…then the little white timer yells at you every 10 minutes.  Others can do this very well…I can not.  I really would like to take this timer and throw it against the wall, but it has been come my friend.  It comes to lunch, meetings, coffee break and on occasion it steals away on my pocket for a trip to the house over night.    What would I do without this white digital box by my side….perhaps get something completed.   Shoot, there it goes again…I wonder if God ever thinks of me like the annoying white timer yelling at him every 10 minutes.

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