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A Gear Review: The Garmin 610 GPS Watch

A Review: The Garmin 610Garmin Forerunner 610 - Dick's Sporting Goods

I have logged a few miles over the years and currently working on marathon 11 and during the runs there has been a Garmin 205 on my wrist.   This unit lasted almost 7 years before finally biting the dust.  There was a moment of silence followed by great trepidation over what would replace my faithful companion.  The Garmin brand had gained my trust, as 7 years of Western Washington running without fail is an accomplishment, but I wondered what else what out there.   I read reviews, checked pricing, and evaluated my true needs then I settled on the Garmin 610 a couple months ago.  I have never once regretted my choice.

Since using the Garmin 610 I have logged runs in Haiti, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Missouri, South Dakota, and Florida without system failure, lost satellites, usability frustration on the run, or sync issues with the computer.  If that is the only piece your read then I recommend this powerful little computer on the run.    However here are a couple reasons why I like this unit.

1)   It picks up and keeps satellites seamlessly and quickly.  I used to plan extra time on the workout to make sure the acquisition was complete before starting.  The new technology in the watch makes acquisition quick under almost any condition.

2)   It keeps locked to the satellites.  In the past I could run in the woods of Washington and lose reception creating frustration and inaccurate data.  I have run the same courses with this new watch and I have yet to lose acquisition.

3)   Seamless syncing with the computer and Garmin Connect is awesome.  The ANT wireless technology literally picks up the watch signal as I walk into the front door of the house and downloads all the data.   The ability to be wire free for download makes life simple.  I can go through my regular post run routine and the computing if done for me.   Then on my schedule I connect to Garmin Connect and all the data this nerd wants is available.   The Garmin Connect website has really advanced over the years.

4)   It is lite weight and resembles a normal watch.  This might not seem like a great benefit but after 7 years of the 205 brick it was nice to wear it in the office after a bike commute.

5)   It stood up in the rain!  In Missouri we were in the middle of a drought making me resistant to writing a review until I had a good rain run.  The opportunity came a couple weeks ago as Hurricane Isaac blew through Springfield for me to test the resolve of the unit.  I completed a nice 7 mile run in a down pour without any signs of water damage which is important to this Washington native.   (Note: It should not have because it is waterproof)

The Garmin 610 is the real deal.  Happy Running!


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God and the Long Run

Have you ever wondered why God brings certain things to your mind from scripture? In the last month 2 places have repeatedly been imprinted on my daily thinking process.
1) Ezekiel 37
2) 2 Samuel 23:20-24
I have been camping (as some would say) on both of these stories. What does the valley of dry bones and chasing a lion in a pit on a snowy day have to do with me? The answer is still unclear and I believe it might take a few more weeks of pondering, however here are at least a few responses.

1) When Ezekiel was taken to the Valley of Dry Bones God ask him what he saw – His response was “Only you know O Sovereign Lord” Can the bones live? What a tremendous question – can our shattered lives, dreams, situations be rescued? Ezekiel allowed his answer to be based on what God saw not his own vision.

2) We were called to trust God and living dangerously and recklessly, trusting God’s Word is not an option and this is the beauty of the long run.

The beauty of the long run. No music in the ipod just you with God. At mile 8 my mind starts to relax and open. It is then that God begins to reveal the issues. The things he wants to address in my live. The scriptures he wants me to dwell upon, the run is never easy, the pruning he prescribes is hard to swallow but I look forward to the next lonely stretch of road where God will refresh my dry bones.

When was the last time you went on a long run? If you haven’t done it lately go beyond the 8 mile marker.

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For the Record…

Since 1999 I have recorded my thoughts for the new year as a way to at least think ahead on purpose. Although if you look at last years list I failed at my goals but I was at a 50% so I won some and lost some.

For the record…

Read through the Bible

Take my wife on a date at least once a month

Play a game with each of my kids once a week

Pass my Preliminary Exams

Complete 2 chapters in my dissertation

Run 650 miles

Run marathon 6, 7, and 8

Stay within budget

Reduce my consumer depth

Upgrade to Extra class license (Ham Radio)

Make 100 different contacts

Read 1 book for pleasure

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No Time for Dogs

If you keep track of my mileage you can see it has been an Ok, yet not stellar year for running.  The other night I was running just before sunset as the wind was blowing the leaves to and fro when out of the shadows came a group of nasty looking dogs hot on my tail. 


The number one question I get ask by non-runners is “what do you do when a dog chases you?” I learned a lesson a long time ago while running in high school with my Coach Jim Freeman.  (former world class runner and holder of the US marathon record in the 60’s)  Mr. Freeman is the softest spoken humble guy you will ever have the privilege of meeting.  We were running in the city of Snohomish around his old training grounds when out of no where this huge dog starts to run down the 4 of us.  Mr. Freeman turns around kicks the life out of the dog and then starts running again as if nothing ever happened.  The youngsters, all sophomores, pale face and stunned heard the gentle voice we have all known say – I have no time for dogs, you show them who is boss. 


So what do I do when a dog chases me? I take the advice from Freeman – I generally turn towards the dog – yell in the biggest voice I can find “go lay down” – which usually works but on the occasion it doesn’t I prepare to defend myself.  I have been heard telling the dogs: “you bite me – I will shoot you and leave you for dead for the other dogs to feed on your remains” or “go home I have killed for less” 


When running at twilight in rural Whatcom County where cougars are known in the area I have been known to carry a .357 Mag…you don’t yell at a cougar you just shoot it.  


I have no time for dogs – I handle them aggressively – now if only I could tackle my homework with the same aggression.  


If you are a runner – what do you do to handle dogs?

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The Beauty of Fall

You could smell fall in the air last night as the dark red sunset loomed over the horizon.   In the distance blackened images of high school goal posts rose from the field.  It is that time of the year when fans fill the grandstands showing support to the hometown team, the lure of the Friday night lights can’t keep them away. 


Now I am not a huge football fan but I understand the need for my Cougars to beat the Huskies and the Beavers to beat the Ducks. I go to local games if I can but that is not the highlight for me…last night running around the track with Maizy in the jogger stroller,(a tradition among my kids – Joash logged 300 plus miles when he was two) now that was a highlight. It was the perfect evening for keeping us coming back for more.  We are runners, we don’t need the lights on Friday or the applause of the crowd just a pair of shoes and an open road or trail.  Deep down however we have a competitive spirit driving each step – a drive to beat clock, the pain or person in front of us.  The same drive to qualify for Boston is driving the high school and college cross country teams of the fall.  There is not Olympic event to strive for in the future just the pure thrill of doing your best to pass the guy in front.  There are no pads, no back ups, no trick plays just guts and the satisfaction of knowing you would still run if it was just you and your daughter on a cool night in September.   If you have never seen a XC race in person find one around you and see pure competition at its best. 

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