Unstoppable – Rabbit Tales #1

vwThis morning I was empowered – I was unstoppable by any form of human intervention. The world had nothing on me as the super poopsmith himself opened the shop door, what had previous housed a broken van, now housed the master piece. The stuff legends are made.

As the door was opened a cloud of blue smoke rolled through the alley revealing the 11th wonder of the world in all it’s sputtering glory. It’s dull grey and rusted shell trying to not stop because of lack of compression. Then in a heart beat (seemed like an hour) the fuel, pistons, glow plugs and injectors all started to work as an almost fine oiled machine. I hopped inside and pulled this grey mini beast into the street gloating in my awesomeness. Playing one of the only two English channels receivable on the radio I almost hit 55 on this beautiful sunrise of a day. It didn’t die at the stop signs, didn’t need to be plugged in at work, and no need to lock the doors I feel safe no one will steal my beauty.

Not a truck, not a van, not even a DeLorean (however going down hill I might hit 88 MPH) but a 81 VW Rabbit with 332,325 miles on the engine. This champ has been passed down from Bruland to Bruland and now to me…The girls won’t ride in it, the boys think they have died and gone to heaven.

Thus begins a series of post describing the world of the Rabbit…until it won’t start again at least. However today the beast was UNSTOPPABLE!

Written while sitting in a mandatory seminar on Organic Intercropping Systems.

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