My heart Aches for Van Zandt and Mt. Baker – Floods 2009

If you know me you have heard me say over the years – you can take the boy out of Baker but you will never take the Baker out of the boy. Over the last 30 hours my community has been ravaged, as with others across Western Washington, however this is my community. As I write this the church I pastored is the command center for rescue. The volunteer firefighters who are in the accessible island Doug, Holly, Elvin and Frank are shuffling their best efforts to rescue people trapped by water and mud. Drake and Paul are taking supplies out of Paul’s house because they do not know if it will be there by the end of the day. EMS advised them to stay away but what would you do? The Mt. Baker Hwy has a new slide just south of Freeman’s house taking 5 homes in its wake, the Zender clan and the rest of the Glacier, Kendal, Maple Falls area are cut off from access to resources.

I would be volunteer firefighter number five, I would be there to stand next to Paul, Drake and Dr. Gantman. When you have been trained to jump into action as a pastor, firefighter, and support officer then when the worst of the worst happens and you are miles from the people who have your cell phone number and unable to do anything…I feel helpless..I miss my community. My heart aches for their safety – my friends– but I sit at a computer in an area that has blue sky.

I will pray, support the best I can but when tragedy strikes your community – my Baker, Van Zandt…you just want to be there…If you read this little post pray for those who are in the middle of the mess…and specifically that Paul and Ramona’s house will remain standing. So to my refugee friends – Tom and Joann, Peanut Butter Jar holding Jerry and the rest we are praying for you.

Below is a link to some raw video – when the talk about Van Zandt our home and church are just out of the shot.

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