I CAN’T RUN NAKED..(The Nerdy Tech Stuff in my Running Bag)

Taking a break from phosphorus dynamics between manure and biochar (Phd dissertation) to follow up on what is inside my running bag.

As a borderline scientist I tend to be a little nerdy and want to account for all the variables if necessary.  Yet there are days when I just strap on the shoes and run.

Identification: Having been almost run over a few times I am a fan of RoadID. I try to wear it on my wrist whenever I am out on the road.  The family calls it the “death bracelet” I call it peace of mind.

Tracking Distance and Time: I have three options in my bag depending on where I am running. During long runs and all races I grab the GPS unit.

1)      Garmin Forerunner 205 – it gives me time, distance, location, elevation etc.  This unit is an older model but serves its purpose very well.  I have very little trouble losing signal and one charge last forever.

2)      Timex Heart Rate Monitor – to look at my fitness I will strap on the chest piece and track my HR throughout my run.  This gives me a good look at how hard I am working.

3)      Soleus 10k Watch – I wear this 24/7 and it gives me my times with a good basic memory package for laps etc.

Weather: I like to know what is going on weather wise when I run.  My current record is runs at 3oF and 104oF.

1)      One thing about Washington is it has an extensive network of weather stations which save me a lot of time and effort.  www.weather.wsu.edu (AgWeatherNet) gives me everything I want and more.  I happen to have two stations accessible when running at work.  Most states have some sort of free access agricultural weather monitoring system.  WSU’s site is free to everyone thanks to farmers who provide funding.

2)      I also carry a Brunton ADC-Summit hand held weather station with me when I don’t have accurate weather information available.  This gives me wind, barometer, elevation, temps and wind chill.  (NERD)

Recording Mileage: I have tried several logging options over the years.  I have used Nike’s Plus system (yes with my Brooks shoes) but when the battery goes dead in the sensor it doesn’t work.  Currently I use Sweat360.com and the Brooks Running Club site on Facebook but honestly I do a better job of keeping a hard copy with pencil and paper.  Dailymile is a good site too if you are looking for easy.

Music: Deep down I tend to be a purest and have never ran a race with any sort of MP3 device.  I run with music about 15% of the time, and when I do I use an iPod I used to run with a Sony Walkman (Tape edition)

Of course you don’t need all the technology to enjoy the run but for me having information is good!

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  1. #1 by John Watson on May 13, 2011 - 3:03 AM

    nice Blog…Great to know…
    garmin hand held gps is an excellent discovery of its kind!!

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