My Running Gear

In response to some questions about my running gear thought I would let people into my running bag. There are several places people can go for gear advice but hopefully you find it useful to see what I wear and Run Happy.

Disclaimer: In full disclosure I am a member of the Brooks Running Pace Team (since 2010) which is about giving regular guys like me the opportunity to feel like a rock star. HOWEVER I have been running in Brooks gear since the mid-1990’s so the closet was full of Brooks before the ID Program.

The Top:
Outer Shell Top: A long sleeve Brooks NightLife jacket (Marathon Maniac Issue Member #1475. This is bright and reflective so I can run at anytime of the day and know people will see me. This color also keeps the Grandview gangs from flashing signs at me. (Happens all the time when wearing blue or red Brooks jackets) Under the jacket I will wear a technical running shirt long or short depending on the temperature.

Bottoms: Brooks Elite Shorts or Spartan Pant 2 running pant. I do have several pairs of shorts both longer and short, my ultimate choice revolves around how much flesh I want to show for the day 🙂 I do believe real runners wear short-shorts. (my friends don’t agree)

Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS Series. Brooks currently is on the 11 model I am still wearing the 10. ( When I run in this series I have been averaging 500 miles per set of shoes. I stop at 500 so I can wear the shoes around the lab etc. I would be able to get more out of them if I needed. My current pair is almost at 400 miles.

Socks: Although some do not see why I would want to spend $20 on running socks. I promise it makes all the difference in a marathon (or 5k). I use several of the Brooks socks and get 2 years of running out of a pair before they are done. After biting the bullet on my first pair of running socks I have never gotten a blister or hot spot. I will never go back.

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