Not Cold Enough

Last years run almost 1 year ago todayI have missed 1 week of running in the last year (at least 1 mile, it was the 2nd week in March) however the last couple weeks of the semester have killed my MOJO on the running front. After a rough summer of running I was on track for a 500 mile year which was to slowly build to next years 1000. In order to accomplish this wonderful goal I have to hit 4 miles a day until the 31st starting Monday yes, two days ago.

It has been snowing and 0 degrees over the last couple days and the paper is not done but today I have to get out and run! I don’t care how cold or snowy I must get out and let my lungs freeze so my head can be clear and relaxed. To hold back tonight will destroy any hope of momentum to finish the paper in timely a manor.

I have to run…


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