Seize the Day Boys…Seize the day

One of my favorite movies of all time is Dead Poet’s Society which came out during my high school years. My senior year our English teacher tried to reenact the movie throughout the semester, including having us stand on our desks and call him O Captain my Captain. Mr. Gorski did pull it off with a minimal lame factor.

On Friday my middle child, Joash came running out of the play room exclaiming Macuen was saying a bad word when in fact he was just telling him “Carpe Diem” which his mom had told him about earlier in day.

Carpe Diem, seize the day, it is Monday morning the air is a cold 14 degrees the snow is falling and I have one paper left to finish before the semester is over. Will I find excuses to work in the lab, keep looking at the computer or will I seize the day?

It is amazing; each one of our days is numbered by God for his purpose. It is my responsibility to be obedient… some days is easier than others. The question: Will I seize the day or will the day seize me?

Today: Day 12,731 in my life, yesterday is gone, tomorrow has no guarantees…

What will I/you do with my/your today?

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