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Yoda says

In the world according to Yoda “do or do not there is no try” becomes the motto. This little green Muppets words are haunting me at the moment. Throughout my entire life when someone has told me I could not do something it has become the catalysis for drive and determination. This has been true with sermon contest, pole vault, sending students to Africa or ASB President if the cards were stacked against me…I would win. (with God’s support and help of course…we all know without him I am nothing)

Now I sit here 9 weeks from my written exams and everyone is telling me not to worry I can do this…why I am the only one right now who doesn’t think so? Please don’t send me a ton of email telling me I am a moron and can’t pass these test…I understand like Yoda would say…do or do not there is not try.

More important…I understand and believe with God nothing is impossible…still why am I the only one who doesn’t believe at the moment…maybe I need a good conversation with Dad both heavenly and earthly.

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