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The Giant Earthworm of the Palouse

Yes – there is a giant earthworm that roams below the surface of the Palouse. Driloleirus americanus is not just a myth like the Lochness Monster but this is actually the only native earthworm known for the hills the Palouse and spits a defense substance that smells like lilies. It grows to over a foot long, is lighter in color and tends to exist deeper in the soil profile, however invasive species might be taking it out of existence. With only 7 known possible samples seen since 1897 it is a question of how many there actually were and are, plus when sampling soil it is easy to cut a foot long worm in half – sad but true. With trillions of dollars my kids are now going to be paying back to China I think the world’s great thinkers should save our worm. Seriously though if you find one in your back yard save it! If you haven’t guessed this was again logged during a seminar. It is now back to my phosphorus recovery methodology and exam prep. Until next time if you want more detail check the authors below.

I have been told by a few different people that I have a lot of information in my head which makes me “unique”. I wonder why knowing that if you urinate on camel manure it can make a water tight lining for creating ponds in the desert sand is strange but then again…I am a little odd.

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