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My Plumbing is Backed Up

imagesNo, I am not talking about my “personal plumbing” but rather the house.  I spent most of Thanksgiving and the 2 days following under my house replacing pipe and trying to move a mass of something towards the mainline.  Late Friday afternoon as Thanksgiving dishes were still piled high in the kitchen I had to admit defeat and call in the professionals (who in returned broke my pipes), but by Saturday night Thanksgiving dishes and clean up were complete…


While under the house trying to free the mass I found myself getting bitter, angry, frustrated to the point of wanting to throw the wrench at the furnace.  The bitter, angry, frustrated not so handy man came out of the crawl space with me until I got to work this morning to find the internet down – which I needed to finish homework. 


Now it is 9:30 and after reflecting on words from Amanda Hamar and Ephesians 5:17-20 I think it is time to grow up – inflate the ball (sermon illustration she used) – and be wise with my time and get an infusion from on high.  The weekend is gone and today has just started.  It is time to live not as unwise but wise…


Just like the drain I think I just needed to consult with the professional.  It is a continual discipline I need – without the continual discipline the spiritual outside and inside look a little off color. 


Have you had a good chat with the creator lately?