The 4R’s of Nutrient Stewardship & Beyond

In the world of soils, crops, and nutrient management we talk a lot about the 4R’s (   The basic principle boils down to using the right SOURCE, at the right RATE, at the right TIME, and in the right PLACE.   The science behind these 4 simple words is amazing and can be both simple and complex at the same time.   I can have all the resources in the world but if I don’t take into account these 4 things I will never maximize its effectiveness.   We could really nerd it up if we wanted to and frankly we probably should, however…..

The concept goes beyond agriculture and could be used in so many areas of life.   I have been doing some reflecting the last couple days looking at many areas and one of them is discipline.   Discipline, needed for correction type, is not enjoyable.   I have given and received it at times in my life and it is just not fun.   As a dad I have brought the wrong everything and the outcome was in no way the change in behavior I was hoping to receive.   For example, I used to give cause and affect educational speeches that included “if you don’t pick up your bowl (the little responsibility items) you will end up in jail”; instead of a good conversation and corrective course it would end in laughter or glossed over eyeballs.   (I am trying to improve)

My bottom line thought is this – as I Christ-follower I believe He is in charge and through the Bible and the Holy Spirit He is going to make me into what He desires – I may not like it when it happens but He will always us the right SOURCE, TIME, RATE, and PLACE to discipline unlike me.

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