Intentionality @ 35

Turning 35 a couple days ago did not send me into a tailspin of regret, depression, or worry but rather it confirmed the drive to be intentional in all I do. If you know me, there is no doubt I am a driven person with a certain goal in mind

“ I exist to restore hope to my generation, anywhere I go, anyway I can, anyone I meet living dangerously and recklessly trusting God’s Word”

My grandfather always told me he was given 70 years and anything else was a blessing from God. If 70 years is the standard then I have 35 years to finish the race as to win the prize.
The prize…what are my intentional decisions focused on?
3 kids that become independent responsible Christ following adults
Fulfilling the destiny God has for me i.e.
A doctorate in Soil Science
Teach science at NU and then travel to different projects around the world showing Christ love in a particle manner which will open a door to message of Christ’s hope (simply go through the doors he opens so I can do whatever he ask)
A marriage of 46+ years and these are just a couple…

With 30 days until my first comp exam (closed book 3 hrs – Soil Microbiology) I am reminded that every decision of time, effort, money and sleep must be done with the goal in view. I press on one hour at a time remembering the words of Bonhoeffer, “when Christ calls someone he calls him to come and die” and PRE “ To give anything less then your best is to sacrifice the gift”

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