Another Secret

beware-of-ham-radioAnother Secret – No Phosphorus


Any given time I can only handle so much manure, phosphorus and statistics.  I can’t do much about it until I get my degree but in the mean time I have to have an outlet.  Most people know I run – if you read the blog you can trace my progress, but we have a hidden secret in our home…it is one we don’t really talk much about because it sets up apart from really most people that we know through work, church and school….our secret?


No – Mary is my first wife – the kids are all ours – I have no record but we are a Ham Radio family. Mary (KE7UUF) and Macuen (KE7WIC) have all passed the FCC exam for the technician’s license and I (K7VNG) have my general license (2 tests).    From the corner of the living or boys room we talk to the world via repeaters and HF waves.  We are learning Morse Code, slowly, as a family and meet on a regular basis with other hams in the area to talk sunspots, wiring and antennas.  Yes there are strange wires coming out of my house but my antenna farm is very small compared to some (KC7OE).  There now you know…we really are a little odd.  


My Rig: Yaesu 7800R for 2m and 440 and a

Yaesu 707 for 10-80 meters with a 80 dipole, tuning with a MFJ for 20meters.  

Icom 706 coming in December from an OM N7LH. 




If you are interested in more details we can suck you in!           

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  1. #1 by Maggie on November 13, 2008 - 3:28 PM

    sounds like an ancient version of twitter.

  2. #2 by streubel on November 13, 2008 - 3:44 PM

    other than taking hard tests regulated by the FCC, could get arrested for violating the rules, can still talk to the world without power during disaster, don’t need a computer, and the city of Grandview, Pacific Power and other ultilities could be fined for messing with my radio reception. But we do check in over the airwaves with events of the day…like twitter. 🙂 Morse Code and Ham it is the next wave of cool…get on board I know you want to!

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