Living or Surviving

My wife and I had an interesting discussion after she returned from a meeting.  Can a person live passionately for something 24/7?  At the moment I am neck deep in the final classes of my PhD with preliminary exams just 4 months away.  I should have time for nothing outside of school at the moment.  Can I live passionately for something 24/7?


Yes, however doing something passionately does not mean dropping the ball on everything else around me.  This incorrect thinking would do more harm to my cause in the long run.  Being Passionately Missional is a better term to describe what is possible.  Everything is purposefully and passionately filtered through the mission.  Every decision our family makes is filtered through this missional thinking.  It is not a movement, not a person, or a program but the foundation of what we are…we are passionately missional.  Our entire life is filtered through the mission and yes it happens everyday all the time. 


It did not happen overnight but it has been this way since I was 16 years old.  Mary and I decided as a couple we were going to live life through our call.  We didn’t want life to just happen but wanted to be missional.  Everyday is not a summer camp or green peace protest but everyday is lived passionately for the ultimate mission. (see post: why I exist)   


This weekend I have no time for anything outside of reading and writing; however I will hand out candy at the church on Friday and have 20 odd people from work over on Saturday for a little fall fun.  Those decisions and invitations were on purpose.  


I would contend – if we do not live life with a missional attitude, we are not truly living at all we are just surviving – we were not called to survive but to live life to the full.  

  1. #1 by Maggie on October 30, 2008 - 10:38 PM

    Thanks for the post. I found it encouraging. Sometimes life gets tough and hectic and you just want to “drop the ball on everything” because it seems like less to do means a greater gain. But indeed that is not the case – we don’t want to just live for the sake of living.

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