It was missing something…

I spent the last week in Houston, Texas for the joint annual conference of the GSA, ASA, , and SSSA which boils down to scientist who study rocks, plants and dirt.  During this interesting week 9200 scientist wandered around the convention center listening to different advances in each of their fields.  I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of people and options to fill my mind with during my stay, however one item kept looming over my head…my presentation on Wednesday morning.  This little 12 minute talk on the performance of a CO2 sensor consumed my every minute for the last three weeks and up to midnight on Tuesday it continued.  Then the moment came on Wednesday and it was missing something…a prayer.  As a practiced my run through I found myself opening in prayer…after a shocking laugh I realized I was not in the pulpit anymore.  If I went over my time this day the moderator would pull me off the platform instead of just waiting until I finished my 3rd conclusion. 

Sometimes you really don’t appreciate something like a opening prayer to invite your creators help until you are not allowed….wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who said “loss of freedom is just one generation away” 

note – I probably could have prayed, however I would have been punished by my committee.

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