Fear is Stupid

I am truly fearful about very few things.  I have repelled off a 350 foot cliff with a 200 foot rope, walked through cougar infested woods in the dark, rolled a van at 55 miles an hour on the freeway, watched a baby being born and have been the first on the scene to a fatal car accident..yet failure still gives me a pause.  At times deep down inside the idea of failure grips me, which is so contrary to who I am as a person.  Who cares if I fail is my usual motto, the worse thing that could happen…is… but not when it comes to putting together a 15 minute talk for the American Society of Agronomy meetings next month.  I have worked on this presentation for days yet a blank screen (almost) still appears.  What is the deal?


Fear is useless.  It does us no good.  The muscle tension, the procrastination does nothing for me except make the situation worse.  So remembering the words of Paul to a young Pastor – God doesn’t want us to be shy with our gifts but loving, bold and sensible – God has not given us a spirit of fear.  Fear is stupid (this kind at least)


So, I’ll suck it up and get r done. 

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