A Roller Coaster

Our family’s life has never made sense to some, how we would pick up, leave and start anew at different times in our marriage for the call.  If you read the post “Why I Press On” one can see where I am at in my thought process; however this mindset does not come easy at times.     


The few months prior to my post I was in a pit of doubt which was filling full of water.  Throughout the summer I was able to dig deep and remember the purpose and the call…yet faith is always a roller coaster.  Here are just a couple examples…as of late


1)      Three weeks ago I spoke at King Mountain Bellingham and following the service a connection was made with a wealthy man who is looking for an agriculturally educated person with my exact qualifications (the whole list is amazingly God designed) to run orphanage projects in West Africa.  We sent a couple encouraging emails and now have not heard anything as a follow up…

2)       I received a job opening email from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, they are looking for someone with a soils background to run their Sub – Saharan division – an encouragement again that I am obtaining skills that will be needed…but I don’t have the degree yet

3)      Have a great job that helps feed my family…boss told me today that he can not cover tuition because the school will not allow it.   

4)      Scooter broke down yesterday…but I fixed it for really cheap. 

5)      Van is still in the shop…after a month. 


This roller coaster ride is a thrill a minute – if you have ever wanted to live at the edge of your seat just hang out with the Streubel family.  All this to say – it is another day of hanging on for the next twist in this journey of faith.  

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